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Electronic Equipment

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Condition: Used - Working - Excellent - Minor scuff and scratches with normal use
LFH 730Desktop Transcriber (LFH0730/00)
LFH 2210 Foot Control (2210/00)
LFH 155 Power Supply (LFH 155NB)
Made in Austria

Ref. Compatible Model Nos.: LFH730 LFH 0730 , LFH 730 , LFH-730 , LFH0730/00
Description :
The Philips LFH 730 is a minicassette desktop dictation kit incorporating a hand-help microphone with 4-position switch for one-handed operation. A sensitivity switch lets you select the optimum recording level and an index tone lets you prioritise documents. A large LCD display shows all the information you need plus end-of-letter tones and priority and special instruction markers help your transcriptionist manage the workflow.

With its modern design and user friendly controls, the 730 transcription machine is easy to use and makes typing convenient. With features such as acoustic search forward, adjustable playback speed, tone control and volume levels the 730 Transcriber has all the basic features you need for transcription.

Features include:
Discreet playback option for private listening, automatic backspace, turbo wind, hands free transcription with footcontrol, volume, tone and speed controls, audible scan, fast erase, automatic switch off, record protection, built in cassette tray, low power consumption, quick start for fast action, headset socket, footcontrol socket, power supply socket.

Discreet playback option for private listening.
Automatic backspace play lets you check the previous words typed.
Fast access to any part of the tape with turbo wind.
Hands-free transcription with Foot Control.

Weight: 1150 grams
Dimensions: 135 x 232 x 50 mm
Acoustic frequency response: 200 - 6,000 Hz
Output power: > 600 mW
Earphones socket
Foot control socket
Power supply socket

LFH 0005 Mini Cassette 15 min/per side
LFH 0007 Mini Cassette 30 min/per side
LFH 233 Earphones
LFH 234 Earphones
LFH 236 Earphones

Philips Desktop 730 Analog Mini Cassette Transcription System , Foot Control and Power Supply (Model# LFH0730/00)

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Pickup Charges US$5.00
Pickup payment must be in cash only while picking the item.
If wants to pickup? Arrangements must be done in 7 Days after placing order.
If pickup you are taking the item after inspecting so there is no need any kind of return.
Shipping from Toronto
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> Item can be shipped only after full payment made.
All the prices are in US$ only.
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Terms / Disclaimer:
[+] Any questions please email us before placing the order.
[+] Most emails we are replying in 48 hours
[+] Buyer is responsible for custom or duty fee if any.
[+] Buyer is responsible for all the Shipping and Handling or return shipping charges.
[+] Buyer is responsible for return delivery fee if the item is not found to be defective.
[+] Shipping or Pickup charges are none refundable
[+] Any buyer not following the conditions stated on this page is subject to disqualification.
[+] No Returns / Refund or Exchange. (No exception).

> If you don't agree with the terms stated on this page please do not buy.

Some time picture can be File Photo and not the actual one.
Item can be similar if exact match if not available.
Item can be different from the picture but will be with similar spec.
Please Research yourself with compatibility of your apparatus.
""DO NOT THINK ITS NEW if it's not mentioned above then IT IS Nicely USED.""
Please refer to description and condition to find out exactly how good or bad is the item.
Some times Part no. Model no. or serial no. may or may not same but product will be compatible.
Please check product documentation for compatibility prior to purchase.
Information's are here for your reference only and accuracy can not be guaranteed
We try our best to provide here the correct specifications of the item for your ease and convenience. May be some time it does not match the original one but similar specification item. In case of any variation we will not deemed to be responsible.

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